What can timbergy do for you?

The focal point of timbergy is to act as sales, marketing and distribution agent and trading for the following products:

  • Timber elements for construction (sawn, planed, finger jointed, glued, impregnated, painted, thermotreated)
  • Lumber for the timber processing industry, as well as support material for “ferroconcrete” construction
  • Panels such as light wood fibreboards, hard fibreboards…
  • Unique: Cross Laminated Timber – CLT straight and unique also really curved
  • Construction kits in wood up to residential-, office- and industrial buildings (on request maybe also more), for any energy standard up to a “climate-change-building”.
  • Renewable energy products such as pellets, PV, solar…
  • NEW and UNIQUE:
    100 % biodegradable pellet bags!   




The services of timbergy are tailored to the needs of producers, traders and importers of these products, both nationally and internationally.